The Mixes

The Tom Joyner Morning Show

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One of my jobs on the show is to assemble "mixes" that include elements from the show, sound "bites" from the news and music -- to tell "the story" without just reading cold hard copy, but emotionally, through the use of music and sound.  My hope is to be able to do these type "mixes" for other radio formats, using different genres of music.  If you run a radio station, network, syndicated show or CB radio visit for more information.

All clips are in MP3 format - Click link to listen

The Tributes

Gerald Levert (featuring Eddie Levert and Tavis Smiley)

James Brown

Rosa Parks

Lou Rawls

Billy Preston

Paris Hilton??

Your Government at Work....

Bring the Boys Home 2006

Bush's "new" Iraq plan:  Lives in the Balance


Tony Snow

The Funny stuff...

Michael Jackson Goes to Court

Tavis Smiley

Tavis Smiley does his commentary twice a week on the TJMS.  Occasionally, Tom will ask me to take an especially powerful commentary and mix it to music......

 ...filling in for Tavis

Tavis - Hope In the Name of Love

Tavis - Fight the Power

Tavis - Gerald Levert Tribute

.....more to come

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