Update August 2002:  As many of you already know, there were some HUGE errors made by the original publisher -- errors that virtually erased Ray Gillen from the history all together. I had always hoped to be able to correct these errors, add some stuff that happened after the publication and generally make it a better book. I was told initially that there was little chance of a reprint, so I posted the "mistakes" at my website and left it at that. Then the "Osbournes" happened. Now the even worse news.

Suddenly, I find that the new owners of Avon books (the original publisher), Harper-Collins is re-releasing the book with a new cover. I have not even seen the cover, but it's of Ozzy and described to me as "an awful retro-looking shot of his face". I would not have even known about this release if I hadn't chanced upon it at Amazon.com.  I just want Sabbath fans to know that I had no input into the new release and will receive no compensation for this new release. Since finding out, I have sent the corrections to the publisher, but do not expect them to make the changes. After all, they need to get this out while the "Osbournes" are still hot!

I have always had the greatest respect for Sabbath fans and will continue to do my best to get the proper message out about the band, when I can. Thanks to all for your understanding and if you have any questions about either edition feel free to e-mail me.

Michael Stark

Many have asked about an updated edition of my book. Based on the events that have happened in the history of the band since the book was written, I think that an updated history is necessary. Also, there were some "errors" made in the first edition. I'm not sure in what part of the "publishing" procedure the mistakes were made, but most were made after my final submission. The most notable error in the book are the references to Ray Gillen, which were, in most cases, changed to Ian Gillan. Because the Black Sabbath story is sometimes confusing, with all the personnel changes, most casual fans did not notice the error. The "hardcore" picked up on it immediately. The Second Edition will be dedicated to Ray Gillen and the "hardcore" Sabbath fans.

These were corrections that I submitted to my publisher in hope of an "updated" and "corrected" version of my book. The publishers have indicated that there is little chance for a second printing. Eventually, there will be a second printing, if I have to do it myself. In the meantime, I have posted the corrections submitted, and hope that you e-mail me (mikeknac@aol.com) with any additions, corrections or points of view that you would like to see in the Second Edition of "Black Sabbath - An Oral History." I will update this page as additional changes are made.

"For The Record: Black Sabbath - An Oral History"
Corrections for 2nd Printing

Page 16 and 17 - Segment attributed to Ozzy should be attributed to Bill Ward

Page 27 - "Mark Forster" should replace "Mark Forrester"

Page 32 - Remove [January 1978, Top of the Pops] (there seems to be a question about this not being the same TV appearance. One source feels the reference here is to a "local" TV appearance.)

Page 99 - (sidebar) Remove "Cross Purpose Live (1995)" add to box on Page 95. (was recorded in 94, released in 95)

Page XII, 73, 74, 76, 78 - All references to Ian Gillan to be changed to Ray Gillen (including first name references on page 73 and 78)

(page73 (sidebar) Ray Gillen spelling corrected (from Ray Gillan))

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