The Tom Joyner Morning Show - Since 1995 I've worked doing various production duties in the best radio job of my career.  Earlier in my time with the show I was "in studio" ever day and even though the show starts at 3 AM  Pacific Time, I was usually laughing my ass off by 3:05.  Great show.  Great friends.  I now just do production pieces for the show.

The Mixes - a collection of "mixes" I've done, as they appeared on various radio shows.  My hope is to be able to do these type "mixes" for other radio formats, using different genres of music.  If you run a radio station, network, syndicated show or CB radio - "E-mail me"

Tom Snyder - Me and Tom working the "late shift" (mp3 link).

WPMD - Former home of "Rock 50" at Cerritos College until administrators decided to do away with the radio program at the college.  

KNAC - a audio/visual document of my stay at LA's legendary heavy metal station.

KSUL - audio from my college radio station from the campus of Long Beach State.

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