Published & Unpublished Works

For the Record:  Black Sabbath - An Oral History

Reviews and Other Scribblings

"America:  A Tribute To The Heroes" - Musicians provided the healing notes for a grieving nation on a night of career topping performances.

Pure Rock Talkback:  The Editorials - Originally written for

Demolition Gore-Galore - May 2000 - Al Gore Presidential Campaign.

Music Wars - June 2000 - Musical Intolerance.

Know Your Enemy - August 2000 - Napster vs. Metallica.

"The Confessions of A Network Page" - From American Bandstand to Lawrence Welk - some memories of days as an ABC Television Page. Included are links to some of those "classic" (and not so classic) 70's shows.

SOME THOUGHTS ON JOHN DENVER - from Rock & Rap Confidential -No.146/October 1997.

A review - Bruce Springsteen at the Fox Theater, Atlanta 1/28/96 by Steve Buck (Mr. Buck is a former fellow "outlaw" from my college radio days at KSUL . He is now an ATT executive in Atlanta.)

Corrosion Of Conformity Interview (text) - conducted by Mike Stark for KNAC's Pure Rock Talkback. Courtesy of Rock Out Censorship

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