"America:  A Tribute To The Heroes"

As I watched last nights "America: A Tribute to the Heroes," I was struck by how, in times of pain, musicians are the ones that are there to inspire.  It wasn't a show where rhetoric ruled.  Even the actors and other celebrities who delivered their short messages (from the cue cards) couldn't come to the level of passion that the musicians were able to do in song.  It was clear that each musician, even those that normally don't "deliver," knew the importance of their particular performance in bringing a healing nation together.  In some cases certain musicians may have had the performance of a lifetime.

In a climate where Jerry Falwell is let off the hook after his despicable comments about the "cause" of America's tragedy and where precious few politicians have been able to get to the heart of America's hurt; the musicians who inspired us last night, will, eventually go back to having their songs put onto "questionable" playlists (several of the Clear Channel songs were played last night), having to stand before some Congressonal committee to explain why there music shouldn't be censored or why they should get fair pay for their work and relegated to being the "devils music" to the same TV evangelists who have moved to divide us even more in these troubled times.

2001 Mike Stark

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