The Mixes

"Kick Out the Jams" with Dave Marsh

Sirius Satellite Radio - Sunday - 9am to Noon (Eastern Time) - Sirius Stars Channel 102

Dave and I have been friends for years.  Dave is one of the greatest music writers of all time.  I admit I'm biased because he's a friend, but his resume speaks for itself. 

I'd been begging him to do radio for almost as long as we've been friends and a few years ago he finally started doing a show on Sirius.  It kills me that geographically we sit on different coasts, so occasionally, through the magic of modern technology, I'll get inspired and send him a "mix" on something he might talk about on his show (much like the pieces I do for the Tom Joyner Morning Show).  What always makes these "mixes" special is the set-up and lockout Dave does - many times more powerful than the mix itself.

All clips are in MP3 format - Click link to listen

Bush's "new" Iraq plan:  Lives in the Balance

F-Word:  The Movie

James Brown Memorial Mix - Dave with activist Kevin Grey and the legendary writer/activist/musician John Sinclair.

 A Tribute to Runaway's drummer Sandy West

The 25th Anniversary of John Lennon's passing

.....more to come

My hope is to be able to do these type "mixes" for other radio formats, using different genres of music.  If you run a radio station, network, syndicated show or CB radio visit for more information.

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